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NSN has provided extensive geotechnical services to resort development companies and other construction departments for the purposes of comprehensive site development.   We have performed a multitude of investigations in the Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, British West Indies, Central America, Jamaica, Bermuda, and along the coast of Mexico.   Our unique approach to these projects has provided significant savings to our clients, and results in the most accurate geologic evaluation of a site in the least amount of time.  Our scope of services for large-scale geotechnical projects can include:

  • Site evaluation and review of historical data (boring logs, topographic data, etc)
  • Detailed geophysical mapping across the site
    • Multi-Electrode Electrical Resistivity (MER) [more info]
    • Multi-Channel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) [more info]
  • Design of a comprehensive drilling program
  • Implement and supervise Standard Penetration Test (SPT) and/or Cone Penetration Test (CPT) drilling
  • Correlate geophysical data to results of drilling
  • Provide the geotechnical engineer with a detailed report of the geologic conditions at the project site for foundation design purposes

NSN has utilized this approach for the development of large resorts, golf courses, small and large marina projects, and habitat reconstruction.  Our services during a geotechnical investigation are often also used for comprehensive water resource evaluations due to the hydrogeologic data that is collected during the geophysical mapping process.   We are experts in identifying hazards within karst terrain, and advising engineers on the correct mediatory efforts to design a stable foundation.  Understanding the geologic conditions across an area of proposed development is the first and most important step in successful construction, and our technology gives us the ability to provide this knowledge in virtually any environment.

Examples of Large Scale Geotechnical Projects
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