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NSN’s innovative team of marine scientists, geologists, and hydrogeologists provide habitat construction and alteration services that are unique to specific coastal and marine projects.  We utilize all of our scientific services and instruments to aid in constructing new marine and estuarine environments on project sites that help to increase biodiversity, improve the quality of the current habitat, and provide more aesthetically pleasing natural environments for new developments.  Some of our habitat construction services include:

  • Salt pond conversion (to pristine marine habitat)
  • Reef habitat construction
  • Sand dune construction and/or re-nourishment
  • Salt marsh construction
  • Aquaculture facilities

We specialize in finding innovative ways to naturally improve or create reef, marsh, estuarine, and marine environments that utilize existing waterways in conjunction with new facilities that aid in flushing and the growth of organisms.  We incorporate hydrographic surveys, geophysical mapping, and hydrodynamic modeling to:

  1. Gain a detailed understanding of the current environment’s geology, biology, and hydrology
  2. Design a plan to add to or alter these conditions in a way that will produce a biologically productive and visually pleasing habitat
  3. Implement this design using drilling techniques, flushing systems, well design or other techniques.
NSN has converted hyper-saline salt ponds with little to no biological productivity into functional marine habitats using flushing channel systems and water circulation techniques on the island of Anguilla.  We have been involved with several reef habitat construction projects along the coast of Florida, where we have utilized natural limestone rock as a base to create new biological niches near dock sites and further offshore.  This same technique has been used to create larger reef systems that have been used for aquaculture purposes.  Our innovative techniques allow us to work in virtually any coastal or marine environment.
Conversion of Salt Pond to Functional Marine Habitat Through Directional Drilling
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