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NSN has extensive experience in a full range of hydrographic surveys in the coastal environments of Florida as well as throughout the Caribbean and the coast of Mexico.  We have provided comprehensive hydrographic analysis for site development, permitting, and environmental impact analyses.  Our hydrographic services include:

  • Flushing studies
  • Near-shore current analysis:
    • Dye studies
    • ADCP deployments
    • Hydrodynamic modeling [more info]
  • Tidal cycle and periodicity monitoring
  • Mean high water determination
  • Bathymetric surveys
  • Environmental impact analyses
  • Water and sediment quality analyses [more info]

Our team of experienced marine scientists incorporates the use of the latest technology in conjunction with traditional survey methods to provide our clients with comprehensive hydrographic analysis.  Field measurements using techniques such as dye studies are often combined with more advanced methods of data collection (flow meters and ADCPs) to generate a detailed understanding of a specific coastal environment.  High resolution bathymetric surveys are used to further describe near-shore systems and understand the potential impacts that may be associated with a proposed development or the addition of a specific coastal structure.   We have performed hydrographic analysis for private development companies and municipal agencies throughout the state of Florida as well as in the British West Indies, Jamaica, Bermuda, Costa Rica, and Mexico.  We often combine our hydrographic surveys with benthic resource assessments and geophysical surveys when undertaking environmental impact assessments to provide an investigation that addresses hydrologic, geological, and biological issues. 

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